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City Commission

Please see your city directory to contact the following people:

Mayor                     David Brown            664-7275
Commissioner      Andrea Diebold        338-8970
Commissioner      Amie Schulten          744-2324
Commissioner      Jim Morris                459-9599
Commissioner      John Morris              458-3460

Bookkeeper          Rose Buckman
Arborist                 Michael Hayman
Treasurer              Jason Sanders
City Attorney        Schuyler Ott
City Clerk              Alice Busch


Property taxes and related questions:

Louis T. Roth
Attn: Rose Buckman
2100 Gardiner Lane, Suite 207
Louisville, KY 40205-2294
phone: 502-459-8100


Seneca Gardens
PO Box 5217
Louisville, KY 40255-0217

To contact a city commissioner, please email [email protected] or check your city directory.