General Provision


(A) Appointment of Director. The City Commission shall appoint a resident of the city, who may be a member of the City Commission, to the position of Director of Building which appointment may be terminated at will by the City Commission. Every effort should be made to appoint individuals who are graduates of accredited schools of architecture or engineering or who have had experience with building or construction work. If this position is unfilled at any time, the City Commission will act in the place of the Director of Building. (B) Duties. The Director of Building is authorized and directed to enforce all provisions of this code as herein provided. (C) Deputies. The Director of Building, with the approval of the City Commission, may designate deputies who shall exercise during the absence or disability of the Director by whom they were appointed all powers of the Director. (D) Inspectors. The Director of Building, with the approval of the City Commission, may appoint inspectors and assistance to help carry out the provisions of this code for which they are directly responsible. No person shall be appointed as an inspector who has not been found by the City Commission to have some experience as an architect, engineer, building or in some other phase or construction work. (E) Right of Entry. Upon the presentation of the proper credentials, the Director of Building or his duly authorized representatives may enter at reasonable times any building, structure or premise within the city to perform any and all duties imposed upon him by this chapter. (F) Liability. Any person charged with the enforcement of this code, acting in good faith and without malice for the city in the discharge of his or her duties, shall not thereby render him or herself personally liable or he or she is relieved from all personal liability for any damaged that may accrue to persons or property as a result of any act required or by reason of any act or omission performed by him or her in the enforcement of any provisions of this chapter, and shall have the right to be defended by the City Attorney until final determination of ay proceedings pending against him or her. (G) Specific duties. The Director of Building is authorized and directed to: (1) Enforce all provisions of this chapter; (2) Review plans and specifications; (3) Recommend to the City Commission the issuance or denial of building permits and certificates; (4) Conduct inspections; (5) Recommend to the City Commission the issuance of rules and regulations consistent with this chapter; (6) Maintain records and make reports; and (7) Perform other services as may be necessary to execute the provisions of this chapter and be consistent therewith. (Ord. 90-09, passed 12-17-90) (Ord. 2003-02, passed 02/17/03)
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