Building Permit


(A) Existing building. Before issuing a permit the Director of Building shall examine or cause to be examined all buildings for which an application has been received for a permit to enlarge, alter, repair, move or demolish the building. (B) At site. The Director of Building shall inspect or cause to be inspected all buildings and structures from time to time during the completion of the work for which a permit was issued. He or she shall make a record of every examination and inspection and of all violations of this chapter and of any other applicable law, ordinance, and deed restriction. (C) Procedure. The Director of Building shall make, or cause to be made, the inspections called for by this section. He or she may accept reports of inspectors of recognized inspection organizations, provided that after investigation he or she is a satisfied as to their qualifications and reliability. No other approval call[ed] for by this section shall be based on the reports unless the same is in writing and certified by a responsible officer of such organizations. (Ord. 90-09, passed 12-17-90)[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab]

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Upon the completion of a project and the satisfaction of all sections of this chapter and all other pertinent laws, ordinances and deed restrictions, those funds on deposit with the city under § 150.022 of this chapter shall be refunded to the holder of the building permit. No building shall be occupied or used until final approval of project of Building Director. (Ord. 90-09, passed 12-17-90) Penalty, see § 150.999
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