Housing Regulations


(A) External maintenance All foundations, exterior walls, floors, and roofs of every dwelling within the city shall be free of holes, large cracks, and any loose and deteriorated material, and shall be maintained so as to be weather-tight and rodent-proof. All exterior walls, woodwork, and exposed metal portions of every dwelling that are inadequately protected against the weather due to lack of paint, or other approved protective coating, shall be painted or otherwise protected against decay, corrosion, or deterioration. (B) Gutters and downspouts. All roofs of every dwelling shall be equipped with gutters and downspouts connected to an approved sewer or which ensure the storm water shall be disposed of on the property, in such manner as to not adversely affect the adjoining property. All gutters, downspouts, and connecting drains shall be kept free of the accumulation of material which would tend to impede or obstruct the normal flow of water therein. (Ord. 90-09, passed 12-17-90)
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