Housing Regulations


(A) When any dwelling or dwelling unit within the city becomes vacant and unoccupied, the owner thereof shall immediately cause it to be securely locked to prevent the entrance therein of unauthorized persons, and the owner shall keep such structure securely locked until it is again let for occupance. If the dwelling or dwelling unit thereafter becomes open, so that any unauthorized person may enter, the owner shall cause the structure to be closed at all outside openings by securely covering all such openings with a type of covering approved by the Director of Building, in such a manner as to preclude entrance by unauthorized persons. Provided, however, one door facing the street may remain uncovered, so long as it shall be securely locked, to allow the owner or persons authorized by him or her to enter. (B) If any dwelling or dwelling unit is found to be vacant, unoccupied, and open so that it may be entered freely by unauthorized persons, the City Commission may order and direct the owner of the structure to close it securely in the manner provided for in division (A) of this section by delivering to the owner a written notice requiring him or her to securely close the structure within five days of the date of the notice. The mailing of the notice to the owner at his last known address shall be deemed notice to him or her. If the owner fails to complete the closing of any such dwelling or dwelling unit within the five-day period, the City Commission may, without further notice to the owner, cause the dwelling unit to be securely closed; and the cost of the closing shall be a lien against the property. (C) If the full amount of the cost of any closing carried out by the city Commission pursuant to division (B) of this section is not paid to the city by the owner within 30 days after the closing is completed, the city shall have prepared and cause to be signed and sworn to by the Director of Building an affidavit showing the cost and expense incurred for the work and the date, place, or property on which said work was done. The affidavit shall be recorded in the office of the Jefferson County Clerk and shall constitute a lien upon the property, which shall remain in full force and effect for the amount due as principal, plus accrued interest at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of completion of the work, plus any court costs necessary for the collection thereof, until full payment is made. All affidavits recorded in accordance with this section shall be prima facie evidence that all legal formalities have been complied with and that all the work involved has been properly and satisfactorily done; and this shall be full notice to all persons concerned that the amount of the statement, plus interest, constitutes a charge against the property designated and described therein and that the same is due and collectible as provided by law. (Ord. 90-09, passed 12-17-90)
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