Land Usage


(A) No person shall construct or permit any paved or gravel “pull-offs,” parking areas or curved or circular drive to be constructed or maintained in the front yard of any residential lot within the city without first obtaining a permit therefore from the City Commission. (B) No permit referred to in division (A) of this section shall be issued until a plan of the “pull-off,” parking area, or curved or circular drive showing the size, location and type of construction is delivered to and approved by the City Commission and the body determines that the construction will improve the free passage and flow of traffic on the roadway adjacent thereto; is essential to the full use and enjoyment of the property which the “pull-off,” parking area or curved or circular drive are designed to serve; and is in keeping with and does not detract from the surrounding neighborhood. (Ord. 90-09, passed 12-17-90) Penalty, see § 150.999
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