Land Usage


(A) No person shall construct or permit any curb to be constructed or maintained at the edge of any paved portion of any street within the city without first obtaining a permit therefore from the City Commission. (B) No permit referred to in division (A) of this section shall be issued until a plan of the curb showing the location and material and type of construction is delivered to the City Commission and the Commission determines that the curb will be not more than six inches in height; is located in line with existing curbs at or near the location; will not impede surface water drainage; and will be in keeping with and will not detract from the surrounding neighborhood. (C) Upon the failure of any person to comply with these regulations, the City Commission may send city employees or agents of the city upon the property to remedy the situation and city shall have a lien against the property for the reasonable value of labor and materials used in so doing. (Ord. 90-09, passed 12-17-90) Penalty, see § 150.999
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