5:30pm to 8:00pm

Music by J. Goldstein and the Gold Mine Canaries

  • Pivot
  • Fistful of Tacos
  • Boss Hog’s BBQ
  • Big Mike’s ice

Location – Trevilian Way between Valletta Road and Meadow Road

One Reply to “Food Truck Friday ~August 18”

  1. Gerry Williger says:

    Hello, I sometimes need an early morning (or late evening) taxi to go to/from the airport, for medical procedures etc., and service with
    Derby City Taxi, Uber etc. is spotty at best. I would volunteer for a Seneca Gardens
    “give-a-ride, lend-a-ride” cooperative with our neighbors. Could the word be spread somehow, please? Thanks, Gerry Williger, 2542 Dell Rd

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