We are excited to inform you about some improvements to our neighborhood!  As you can see, sidewalk repairs are desperately needed in order for Seneca Garden’s sidewalks to comply with American Disability Act (ADA).  The regulations state that sidewalks can have no more than a 1/4″ raise between sections.  The first repairs were done to get a feel as to what the sidewalks would look like after the Precision Concrete patent shaving was completed.  Repairs to the other sidewalks will be done over the next several weeks. 

 Several major cities within Jefferson County have adopted this application.  It is by far the least expensive way to become ADA compliant and not incur the high cost of replacement each non-compliant section.  Although it looks a little funny right now, weather will cause the shaved sections to blend in with the remaining concrete over the next several months.  

 Again, this chosen process was, by far, the most economical.  If you having any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email me. (502-664-7275) or [email protected])

Thanks for your patience with this ongoing process to make our sidewalks safer!

All the best, 

David L. Brown

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