City of Seneca Gardens is a Neighborhood Arboretum

Seneca Gardens was developed as a historic Garden District with wide street rights of way and electric wires behind the homes to support mature canopy trees over the streets. We are committed to ongoing maintenance and to replace canopy trees as they die or decline.

Over time we have planted a broad selection of beautiful trees that can live for many years and allow residents to enjoy their beauty and shade. Here are some highlights of our programs below.

Tree Planting Subsidy

Seneca Gardens will pay a portion of the cost of planting an approved tree in the front yard or right of way.  The city will reimburse 50% of the cost of the tree, up to $200 for the tree, delivery and planting.  Residents should contact the City Arborist before the planting occurs.

Hazardous Tree Removal Subsidy

Seneca Gardens encourages homeowners to remove hazardous trees in the right of-way or hanging over the right-of-way by subsidizing the removal.  The city will reimburse 30% of the cost of removing those hazards up to a limit of $1000.

Permit Required for Tree Removal

Trees located in the right-of-way of the city are not permitted to be cut down or removed without first obtaining a permit with the city.  The right-of-way is typically the area between the sidewalk and the street.   

To request a permit for removal of a tree in the right-of-way, a resident should contact the City Arborist and provide the following information prior to the tree’s removal:

    1. The owner’s name and address;
    2. Location of the tree in relation to the dwelling and other structures on the lot;
    3. The reason for removal of the tree(s);
    4. Any other relevant details, such as plans for replacement.

Permit Approval Process

The City Arborist reviews permit applications considering the tree’s health, safety concerns and the impact of scenic beauty with the removal.  The request is shared with the city board at the next monthly meeting to authorize the City Arborist to issue the permit or reason of denial.

Resident Responsibilities

Once the permit is approved and tree removed, the applicant is responsible for removing the tree stump and filling in the area with dirt, seeding with grass, or appropriate vegetation.

For complete details of our tree ordinance, refer to the city ordinances on our website under Chapter 95: Trees.

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