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City Information


The City of Seneca Gardens, Kentucky is a sixth class city in Jefferson County, situated between Woodbourne Avenue, Carolina Avenue, Taylorsville Road, Bowman Field and Seneca Park. Its park-like atmosphere, strong sense of neighborhood and central location have made it popular with homeowners since its initial development in 1922.

Although completely surrounded by the city of Louisville since 1948, Seneca Gardens is self-governed through its election of a Mayor and four Commissioners. Appointed positions include; clerk, attorney, treasurer, engineer and forester. This team represents the residents in ensuring that the city maintains its beauty and is provided basic services. The services include police and fire protection, garbage collection, road maintenance and water drainage.

With the single exception of Keneseth Israel Synagogue, all buildings within the city are residential. There are 242 single-family structures, 28 duplexes and one triplex. All multi-family dwellings are located on Broadmeade Road, except one duplex on Trevilian Way. 2010 census data shows Seneca Gardens population to be 696 people.