Building Permits

The City of Seneca Gardens requires homeowners to obtain a building permit from the Louisville Metro Planning and Zoning office, for any alteration or addition to their property.   The purpose of this is to help protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the occupants and properties of the community.   In addition to a building permit, the City of Seneca Gardens (whom is on record with Louisville Metro Planning and Zoning), requires a “Certificate of Compliance” to be obtained before any work can commence. This requirement ensures that the neighborhood maintains a look consistent with the original architecture, while also helping to maintain and preserve property values within the community.

To apply for the Seneca Gardens Certificate of Compliance, the homeowner must submit the following documents:

      1. Certificate of Compliance Guidelines and Permiit Application
      2. Permit fee of $500 ($150 Application fee and $350 Compliance fee*)
      3. Photos of all sides of the house
      4. Two (2) copies of architectural drawings prepared by a professional draftsman or Architect.
      5. Plat of Survey

*Upon completion of the building project, the resident may be returned the $350 compliance fee after submitting completed photos for review and approval to the city architect.

For a complete list of ordinances, click here.

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